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Website Rehab: 6 Tips for Sprucing Up Your First Impression

Sarah Rae Murray is a writer, veterinary practice receptionist and an advocate for all animals.

Reception may no longer be the first point of contact for prospective clients. In this digital age, your website often takes on this critical responsibility. You might have a state of the art facility and a stellar staff, but potential clients won’t know that until they walk through your door. Are you making a positive first impression online?

A good clinic website is a powerful tool for bringing in new patients. If you’re like many clinics, however, tasks like website updates have a tendency to be put off, especially if your clinic doesn’t have a dedicated office manager. This means your website is probably stuck in the past, displaying out-dated and incorrect information. 

“Buyers in today’s world are more educated than ever and will arm themselves with as much information as possible prior to visiting a business.” ~ Cole Maruk

Marketing expert Cole Maruk has six simple steps to spruce up your existing website this spring without an exhaustive, and potentially expensive, overhaul:

1. Contact your website provider:

The first step to rejuvenating your website is getting in touch with your web designer or host. They can guide you through accessing and updating your site. “Many website platforms allow users to easily make changes to basic elements like text and photos, allowing you to keep information up to date. The person, team, or agency that built your website may be able to provide this training,” says Maruk.

2. Check your content:

If your website hasn’t been touched since it was built five years ago, chances are it doesn’t reflect your clinic as it is today. Be sure to update changes to staff or services. It seems obvious, but it’s important to double check that your address and phone information is correct. “Correct contact information and clinic location are critical,” says Maruk. “If your clinic is hard to locate, ask your website designer how to embed your Google Maps location on your contact page.”

3. Be informative:

Have a quick meeting with support staff to compile a list of frequently asked questions. Making this information accessible online not only saves time but also has the power to influence new clients, says Maruk. “Buyers in today’s world are more educated than ever and will arm themselves with as much information as possible prior to visiting a business. It’s likely they are comparing your website to other competing clinics in the area, so proactively answering their questions may sway them towards your clinic.”

4. Double check the spelling and grammar:

The fastest way to a bad impression begins with misspelled words and careless language. Maruk explains, “Clear, concise, and correct language signals professionalism, attention to detail, and pride in your clinic and its services.” Always have at least one other person look over the updated website content; fresh eyes are likelier to catch small mistakes.

5. Update photos:

Featuring photos on your website is a great way to infuse your clinic’s personality. Audit existing photos on your webpage: are they current or do they look like an early 2000’s throwback? “Find a photography savvy volunteer, a small photoshoot is a fun way to bring the team together and breathe some life back into your online presence,” says Maruk.

6. Add your social media links:

Your webhost can help you embed social media icons on your site. Social media is a fantastic way to engage with both existing and prospective clients. “Your website is the perfect place to encourage social media connection — and don’t forget to mention your clinic’s hashtag.”

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