An Open (Love) Letter to RVTs

Sarah Rae Murray is a writer, former veterinary practice receptionist and an advocate for all animals. 

Dear Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs),


You’re the glue that holds a practice together and unites the team. You’re the first to crack a joke or run for the crash kit. You take on whatever role the situation calls for, and you transition between them seamlessly. You’re compassionate, resourceful and sharp-minded. You’re an expert communicator: you know the right moments to be firm and when others require a little extra softness.

You’re a veterinary nurse of many specialties: clinical, emergency, critical care, surgical, pediatric, geriatric, palliative care—you care for animals of all ages in all states of illness and health. You’re also a dental hygienist, a radiologist, an anaesthesiologist, a pharmacist, a lab technician, and so much more.

When you’re not busy with a vet or patient, you’re using teaching moments to educate support staff or clients. From nutrition to handling techniques, you have so much knowledge to share. And you make every moment count. You’re always occupied but somehow you find time for the people and animals that need it most. Often, you’re the first to arrive on shift and the last to leave.

You celebrate triumphs and you morn losses. You understand the complexity of working in a world where science and emotions are not distinct. You’re able to place a catheter for a euthanasia then deworm a new puppy immediately afterwards. You need to be a chameleon, matching your outward expressions to the current moment. 

You, dear RVTs, are valued. You’re inspiring and extraordinary. You know that you haven’t chosen an easy profession, but you have a true passion for veterinary care. Sometimes your great acts don’t receive the recognition they deserve, but they don’t go unnoticed. The people you work alongside, the animals you care for, and the families you help are grateful, even when it goes unspoken. Regardless of the week or month, remember that you’re always appreciated.

With love,

Your grateful fans

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