Cherish and Share: Gossip's Story

Contrary to her name, Gossip was an extremely quiet dog. So quiet that, when she came to live with Trish and her husband Ed, she didn’t make the sounds you’d expect from a four-year-old pup. “She was really shy and she didn't even know how to bark,” says Trish, “We actually taught her how. The first day in her life that she barked, she had a look like, ‘Did I do that?’ and everybody laughed. The neighbours out here still talk about it.”

Gossip came from Phoenix, Arizona to live with Trish and Ed after her owner, Jane, passed away. It was a perfect fit. As a Whippet, Gossip loved to run and she had plenty of space in Taylor Beach, Saskatchewan. She instantly became a part of the family. “We just fell in love with her. She was so gentle and kind. She cuddled with Ed a lot,” says Trish, “Like he says, she was the perfect Whippet.”

Despite settling into her new life, Gossip stayed silent. She expressed herself in other ways and her gentle soul was clearly seen through her personality. “We tried to get her to say please for a treat, but she wouldn’t even do that. She’d sit and shake a paw but that's about it. She was very quiet and timid and loved to run…She was just an angel,” says Trish.

Gossip became an actual angel far too early. Tragically, she passed away at just four years old. “I still cry today because she was such a sweet innocent little thing…We gave her a good life and we really miss her,” says Trish. Although Gossip’s time was short, her life was full of love. From Arizona to Saskatchewan, she went on countless adventures and shared a few very special bonds within her lifetime. 

Trish will forever cherish the bond she had with Gossip. Living with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can be challenging, but Gossip helped support Trish and keep her active. “We went for walks, long walks, and she was just dancing all the time…She’d run back to me, run away from me, and then do twirls and come back to me,” she says.

Trish still walks every day, keeping Gossip’s memory alive. She spends that time thinking about her angel she says, “I look up and know that she’s running free and she’s loved. Now she’s with Jane, her original owner, up in heaven.”

A special thank you to Gossip’s breeder Penny Lewis of Bretica Whippets (https://pennylewis.webs.com)





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