Cherish and Share: Carmen's Story

There’s an old saying that “one person’s loss is another person’s gain.” In Carmen the cat’s case, it was two people who lost out so that Karen could gain.

Carmen was adopted from the Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation. By the time Karen and her husband brought Carmen home, she had been adopted and returned twice; the second time she had been returned declawed.

It didn’t take long before Karen and her husband realized Carmen had a sweet disposition – neither of them could understand why her previous owners had given her up. “(It) was our gain for sure,” says Karen.

Carmen was a faithful and loving companion. She could often be seen napping in her favourite chair or lying on a towel in front of the fireplace. Karen spoiled her with salmon pate, treats, and Carmen’s favourite, the occasional McDonald’s french fry.


She wasn’t one for toys except for a cloth, catnip-containing cigar that she could fit her paws around perfectly. “She just loved it”. 

Carmen’s favourite pastime was watching the animals outside on Karen’s High River property. She would often meow from her perch on the windowsill and wait for Karen to join her. Together they would while away afternoons watching the horses, birds, and squirrels.

Carmen and Karen grew even closer when Karen lost her husband four years ago. Carmen’s steadfast companionship was a comfort to Karen. “Our favourite time together was in the evening where we would spend time in the den watching TV—me with a glass of wine and her lying on top of the afghan in my lap. Oh, how I miss those evenings!”



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