Cherish and Share: Chi Chi's Story

Chi Chi was a Cuban rescue dog whose time with his adoptive family in Canada was all too short. 
His owner, Tera, submitted this story told from his point of view. 

Hi everyone! My name is Chi Chi and my nickname is Pequeño Guerrero Cubano. (It means Tiny Cuban Warrior). This is my story.

I was once a homeless dog in Cuba. I used to live on the beach in Varadero, surviving off of food and water from the tourists who stayed at the hotels there. Sometimes they would even let me sleep in their rooms to keep me safe at night.

In May of 2017, a very nice couple arrived to holiday near the beach where I lived. Todd and Tera were kind to me; they gave me lots of water and chicken and let me stay in their room. I didn’t want to lose them so I followed them around everywhere. But one day, Todd and Tera left. I missed them a lot and couldn’t understand where they had gone.

Little did I know, they had an army of people searching for me. They had organized a search party through a Facebook group called All People for Animals in Cuba and Tera even made her own Facebook page for me that went viral. Before long, some tourists from Canada and Germany arrived at the resort and scoured it until they found me. They picked me up from under a pool chair and took me into a car for my very first car ride! They took me to the home of an All People for Animals volunteer, Anton, who is a designated Animal Protector. I had a lot of fun with him and his family for a couple of weeks, eating good meals, sleeping in an air-conditioned room, and playing with my new puppy pals, Pichy and Gabriel. It felt so good to be safe.

“Little did I know, Todd and Tera had an army of people searching for me. They had organized a search party through a Facebook group called All People for Animals in Cuba.”

Then one day, Todd came back. Todd came back! He didn’t forget me! He stayed with me in Cuba for a couple of days and then we went for a very long ride in a big airplane. When we landed, Tera was there waiting for us! I knew her voice right away. She picked me up and hugged me so tight. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t leave me behind after all. They brought me to their home in Nova Scotia to be my forever family.


I was so happy in my new life. We went for walks every day and hung out in the backyard. One day, they took me to a beach. I didn’t even know they had beaches in Canada—what an awesome place! Oh, and the best part? Todd and Tera had a big sister waiting to play with me! Deja is HUGE but she’s a great cuddler. I think she loves me almost as much as I love her.


Throughout all of this, I had a little cough. At first, no one thought it was a big deal — but I got sicker and sicker. Todd and Tera didn’t know what was wrong. They took me to the vet who told them that I had Distemper and that it would soon start attacking my brain. My humans cried a lot that day. Todd and Tera worked very hard with a team of amazing doctors from Burnside Veterinary Hospital and Metro Animal Emergency Clinic to help me feel better. I had to take a lot of medications and Tera would hold me in her arms and feed me special food through a syringe. They gave me lots of fluids under my skin and would take me into steam rooms to help with my respiratory infection. It felt so good to be loved so much. We all fought very hard, but gradually, Distemper took over my brain. I passed away on July 3rd, a couple days short of my one-month anniversary in Canada.

I had a short life with Todd and Tera, but my time with them was the happiest I have ever been. They made all my dreams come true.

- Chi Chi, El Pequeño Guerrero Cubano

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