the remedy of connectivity

Body and mind wellness practices for on the job stress

Most veterinary care professionals are all too aware of the problem of burnout and compassion fatigue in the industry. Recently, there’s a movement afoot to explore practical solutions to this issue. Join Peartree for a look at the healing potential of body/mind wellness practices.

Peartree Feature Article

convenience euthanasia

notes from the front: shades of  grey

Addressing the impact of convenience euthanasia in veterinary care

It was the kind of phone call that veterinary clinic receptionists dread - an appointment request for a euthanasia from a client who had never been to the clinic. It's a conversation that can raise the hackles of even the most sympathetic veterinary care person. I was on guard.

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Clinic / Staff Relations

Practicing active listening

finding focus at the front desk

Six active listening tools for  veterinary reception

For a veterinary receptionist, listening to people is a big part of the job. Many of these conversations happen over the phone, making it easy to be distracted. But with front line staff serving such an important communication role in the veterinary team, listening skills are vital.

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Tips for Pet Owners

Pain Management for Pets

pain management 
for pets

How to tell if your dog or cat
is in  pain

Our pets can’t tell us when they are sick or injured. They can’t talk to us, and they often instinctively hide any signs of sickness to protect themselves.  The good news is that there are telltale clues that can help you determine if your cat or dog is in pain.

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Cherish and Share


cherish and share:
Gibson's story

The story of a beloved pet's companionship through life's milestones

Pam’s cat Gibson was with her through so many of life’s big milestones – first apartment, university graduation, marriage, moves and children. From the moment she brought Gibson home and for the next 15 years, Gibson was Pam’s constant companion and the best roommate she could have wanted.

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Clinic / Staff Relations


the ethics of onychectomy

How to handle this prickly topic 
in your clinic

There are few veterinary procedures as hotly debated as feline onychectomy. Once considered the go-to remedy for destructive scratching, declawing — the surgical removal of the third phalanx of the digits on a cat’s paws — has become deeply controversial.

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Cherish and Share

Cherish & Share - Ida's Story

cherish and share:
Ida's story

The story of a little gecko with a 
big impact

As a veterinary technician, Emily gets to meet a lot of animals in a given day. But it was a little pink gecko with a neurological condition that really stole her heart.

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Tips for Pet Owners

Tips for nail trimming

pedicures for

Tips for successful nail trims at home: canine edition

Tired of shelling out for puppy pedicures at the groomers? Done well, at home canine nail trims are totally do-able and might even strengthen your bond with your pet. Check out these six tips for setting yourself up for success when trimming your dog’s nails at-home.

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Tools for your Clinic

Veterinarian working at computer

hashtags as business brand builders 

A straight forward and easy to manage marketing strategy for your clinic

The reality is that most veterinary clinics aren’t formed because of business aptitude. But at the end of a day, clinics are businesses and effective marketing is important for any enterprise. Build your clinic’s marketing toolkit with Peartree’s Monthly Marketing Spotlight.

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Cherish and Share

Chi Chi's Story

cherish and share:
Chi Chi's s tory

The story of a cuban rescue dog and his adoptive Canadian family

The life of a stray in Cuba is hard, but occasionally, one of these animals make if off the streets and into a good home. Chi Chi was one of the lucky ones. This is his story.

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